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The 5 Principles of Success

The 5 Principles of Success emerged from years of experience as Top Earners in Network Marketing. It's these 5 Principles that serve as the foundation of an individual's success with their business.

This is a simple business plan that anyone can follow. Those who do get amazing results!

Principle #1: Know Where You Are Going
This principle is the foundation on which all the other principles rely to be effective. Write down your goals on a goal card, carry the goal card with you always and read it throughout the day many times. Take the time daily to visualize yourself already in possession of the good that you seek. (Your Vision Statement) Do this in a way that you actually feel the feelings of its manifestation. Sometimes people get caught up in "trying" to make a sale and being overly aggressive. This can happen when a person is "forcing" and doesn't have a goal they are confident they are going to reach. The opposite can happen as well. When a person does not have a goal, they find themselves lost in "busy work" and doing actions that are not contributing to the achievement of a goal.

Your goal may seem lofty at first, but taking time to visualize and meditate on the "already achievement" of it will instill in you the belief that you will achieve it.

Stay in a positive environment. Avoid negative influences like the media, news, social media (unless you are using it to grow your business) and even negative people. This will help you to keep your energy high and your focus on your goal.

Principle #2: Income Producing Activities
Prioritize your time so that you spend time each day talking to people about the business and putting through the system. Consistency is the MOST important thing. You should master the Inviting Formula and 10 Communication Qualities. Never lose your edge. It's better to work 1 hour a day every day than to cram everything into your day off if you are still working a job as you build your business. The income producing activities are prospecting, follow-up and signing up new associates. Lead generation is also income producing, but that simply feeds the funnel. You must take time to call and/or talk to prospects to generate sales. Organizing your desk, doing "research" and "getting ready to get ready" will not produce income for you. No amount of intention or desire will get you a result if you don't follow through with action -- the correct actions! Live this business; talk to people about this business.

If you truly believe in your success and the opportunity, you'll feel comfortable sharing it. After all they deserve the opportunity to live this incredible lifestyle as well!

Principle #3: Be A Product of Your Product
The number one asset you can use to grow your business is ENTHUSIASM. Enthusiasm doesn't come from having a wealth of marketing knowledge, crafty sales lingo or a charismatic personality. Enthusiasm comes from personal belief in the products and opportunity that you are offering. Natural enthusiasm is like rocket fuel and anyone, no matter what their experience in business, can use it to achieve massive success!

If you aren't a product of the product, it's important that you become one immediately. Gain as much education as you can about the products so you can confidently offer the BENEFITS to people. Your prospects don't need all of the facts; they want to know what they products will DO FOR THEM. The best way to share is to share your amazing results as social proof. Arm yourself with lots of testimonials. Use these in your marketing and conversation with prospects. Be a product of all of the products so you can give your authentic review and experience of the incredible benefits.

Principle #4: Mastermind with Leaders
Do everything possible to be in the environment of the ARIIX Leaders. The leadership is amazingly gracious with their time and experience. You have a great opportunity to connect with these leaders at every live ARIIX Event (Local Meetings, Regionals, & Conventions) as well as the Live Presentations and Training Calls. Think about it: where else in the world do you have the opportunity to hang out and learn from self-made millionaires who will share everything they know about creating success?

But, it's up to you to show up. Stick close to your leaders; call them regularly to connect so they know who you are; take full advantage of their knowledge and experience. Nothing will accelerate a person's evolution into a Top Earner faster than being around the people and environment where that exists.

Principle #5: Cultivate the Expectation of Leadership in Yourself and Others
Expect success of yourself and others. Make sure you clearly understand the compensation plan; it is designed to reward leadership and to reward it quickly! You know you are going to win, so act as such. Be the Leader, Do What Leaders Do, Have the Results! The Bottom Line is: Since you know you are willing to take the action in Principle #1-4, then you know you are guaranteed the results. You play FULL OUT! Every step that you can take to move yourself in the direction of your goals, you take that step immediately and confidently. And because you expect success for yourself, because YOU are willing to take the actions that successful people take, you expect success and leadership from those you allow on your team. Since you are willing to pay the price of success, you expect others to also be willing to pay the price of success. Cultivate an expectation of their leadership as well.