Marketing NewAge

Why is it called Network Marketing?

Network — A network is referred to as people that you know and that know you.

Marketing — Marketing is the process of promoting the benefits of your product or service to an audience that desires it. (This is the definition of Marketing)

So, the answer is that you can network with the people you know and/or market to the people you don’t.

NewAge is a Vehicle to Earn Income. We are paid to Market the NewAge products and build a team of others to do the same. There is NO cap on your earnings with NewAge…The Sky’s the Limit!!!

It’s Time For You to Dream Big! You need to set Small Goals, Medium Goals and Big Goals. Work towards each of these goals on a daily basis to reach the next one.

So, how do you build a solid income in NewAge? Recruit, Recruit, Recruit and Keep Recruiting!

What do I mean…when prospecting people make decisions that will benefit themselves…not you. So, when recruiting you need to always make it about them.

It’s All About Them!

Sampling Products

There are a few products that work well to sample. These are MOA, RENEW, 

I have created individual sales pages for each of these and you can learn how you too can have these same sales pages HERE is a site I built that allows people to get 1 or 3 MOA samples by just paying for the shipping and handling. Which covers the cost of the samples. This allow for you to get leads to build your customer base and/or your brand partner base.

Sample is pretty much the same as There are also options for people to buy a complete box of these items at a 15% discount. 

NOTE: In these two processes I am collecting the money and shipping the samples myself. When they order a box, I drop ship that from my back office.