Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Just think if you had 10 customers that spent $150 per week on optimal nutrition and/or healthy products. At our Ultimate Business Level you would be earning about $300 per week or $15,600 per year. Now that's a nice beginning of your residual income. You efforts once with a customer can last for decades. I have customers that went on subscription (auto-ship) over 10 years ago and are still taking the products!

The #1 way to acquire customers is to create your own transformation.

From weight loss to better health everyone can create their own transformation. 

With weight loss make sure that you taken before photos and then after when you achieve your weight goal. Then share and you will be amazed on how many people will want what you're doing. 

If it be better health, before write down exactly how you feel and date and seal it in an envelope. After 30-60 days open the envelope and compare how you currently feel. Then share!