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NewAge Subscription

As a NewAge Brand Partner you don't never want to miss earn commissions. This is accomplished by having a active subscription of at least 100 points every four weeks

When you join NewAge you will be in one of four color weeks, Red, Blue, Green or Purple. So if you're in the Green week your subscription will process on the Saturday of each green week. If you would like to change your subscription make sure and do this on the Friday before your subscription processes. 

If by chance you miss your subscription or your credit card does not process for whatever reason please call Brand Partner Support immediate and resolve it. 

NOTE: A subscription can be met with your own personal order or by selling products to a customer the week that your subscription is due.  

Also, if you purchase more than 100 points on your subscription, the additional points will be auto-balanced in your business and you will earn commission of them.

Loyalty Shopping

NewAge offers “Loyalty Shopping” which allow you to order additional promotional products for an additional discount. So long as you have an active subscription you will see the loyalty products available on your website. 

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