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This is one of the most important decisions you’ve made to join NewAge ARIIX. NewAge ARIIX—The Opportunity Company has a mission to “Unleash Your Human Potential for Good”.

On November 16, 2020 ARIIX and NewAge signed and finalize their merge. ARIIX is now publicly traded on the NASDAQ: NBEV

Mission / Vision:
The mission and vision of the owners of ARIIX is to “Unleash Human Potential”. It is a vision bigger than any one of us and celebrates the possibility of human transformation. It began with Dr. Fred Cooper, the CEO, visionary and entrepreneur. Fred loves this industry yet knew that it needed to be disrupted. Much like Apple did to the telephone and communications industries, like UBER and Lyft have done to the transportation industry and Airbnb has done to the lodging Industry. ARIIX was formed and has begun to reinvent the industry in the following ways;

  • The Representative’s Bill of Rights,
  • The 360-degree view of health,
  • Founder’s Club and profit sharing,
  • Unique Compensation Plan,
  • Financial diversification,
  • Advancements in technology.

There are few things more powerful and magnetic than the transformations of life. ARIIX celebrates the transformations of health and financial independence in the lives of its representatives around the world.

There are seven owners of ARIIX [l to r]; Mark Wilson, President, Deanna Latson, CPO, Dr. Wenhan Zhang, CIO & Ph.D., Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO & Ph.D.,  Riley Timmer, COO, Jeff Yates, CFO, & Ian Chandler, CSO.  The combination of Network Marketing experience is over 200 years. ARIIX was founded July 4, 2011.

You can follow the ARIIX Owners on Facebook:

  • Dr. Fred Cooper —
  • Mark Wilson —
  • Jeff Yates —
  • Riley Timmer —
  • Deanna Latson —
  • Ian Chandler —

Brent Willis is our new CEO of NewAge ARIIX and Fred Cooper has become the Chairman of the board. Mark Wilson reminds President.

All the owners have Bio's but Dr. Fred Coopers is the only one I have right now...

Dr. Fred Cooper, Ph.D.


  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Ph.D.
  • Doctorate of Business, University of Utah
    • Dissertation expounds upon the fundamental gap between optimized non-linear multi-echelon operational supply chain flow and related traditional methodologies
  • 3 Bachelor's Diplomas, achieved requirements for 5 Diplomas
    • Psychology
    • Finance
    • Business
    • Accounting (Qualified, Not Given)
    • Mathematics (Qualified, Not Given)


  • 17 Years, Professor, University of Utah
    • MBA / Under-grad Students
    • Co-Founded the Center of Entrepreneurship
    • Universally recognized as University's most valuable Professor
  • 5 Years Executive, AIA Insurance
    • Invented Insurance Algorithm now used prolifically among industry experts
  • 13 Years Executive, USANA
    • Board Membership: 4/1998 — 4/1999
    • VP IT: 5/1999 — 6/2003
    • VP Operations: 7/2003 — 1/2006
    • EVP Operations: 1/2006 — 7/2008
    • President / COO: 7/2008 — 5/2011
  • 9+ Years Founder & CEO, ARIIX


Here is a partial list of people around the world in NewAge ARIIX that can be contacted when need if you have questions about growing or working in that market. 

Cameron Bott is the President of Europe — 
Icham Benallal is the GM of Europe — 
Monica Jimenez is Executive Assistant in Europe — 
Craig Du Bruyn is the President of Africa — 
Lee Odendal is Business Development for Africa — 
Kellee Ye is Business Development for Asia — 

Product Philosophy:
In an industry that boasts many great products, how do we stand apart from the competition? One of those ways is to be unmoved in our commitment to both high quality and efficacious ingredients and blends. The company has received many awards and certifications for its products, as well as ARIIX’s commitment to the environment. ARIIX doesn’t only rely on one champion product, however, believes in a strategic branding philosophy called ARIIX 360 to create a balanced and synergistic approach to create health solutions that work together to give you more life. In addition, ARIIX is not a one brand house, rater a “House of Brands”. This adds strength and diversity to our product offering, as well as opening the door to adding more brands, services and companies to the ARIIX family. Nutrifii provides supplemental health at a cellular level. Slenderiiz offers a side-effect-free weight loss solution that ACTUALLY works! Puritii removes unseen dangers from your air and water. Reviive and Jouve offer toxic-free Personal care and Skin care, proven to peel back the layers of aging. Nucerity provides clinically effective skin care, creating amazing, and dramatic transformations. Ariix also has a unique and exciting “ARIIX Rewards” program that adds additional value to the lives of our representatives through travel discounts, and other unique products and services.

Compensation Plan:
ARIIX’s Activ8 Compensation plan is so unique and dynamic, that it is patent pending for its Disruptive by Design elements. It pays arguably the highest percentage on dollars received in the industry, by a long shot. This translates to more income potential for our representatives.  The Activ8 compensation plan is fair, balanced and equitable. That it pays what it says it pays, and that through its multi-line structure, you can earn unlimited income on both width and depth, and no matter what structure you have built before, you can build or fold that structure in the ARIIX Activ8 plan and through the auto-balancing aspect of the plan, maximize your earnings.

Timing / Opportunity / Why Now? / Duplication System:
The trend in the MLM industry is to join a “start-up” company, so that you can take advantage of all the growth potential that this company may achieve. The challenge with a start up company is the risk associated with it. In fact, over 90% of all startup companies fail in the first 2 years. In the investment world, this is referred to as “risk to reward” and the higher the reward potential, normally the higher the risk. Do you really want to put your reputation at risk, for the possibility of a reward in the future? ARIIX is a 7-year-old company, exceeding $200 million in annual revenues in 2018, and yet almost everyone you speak with has never heard the name ARIIX. Now that is an opportunity with the perfect timing. ARIIX is a 7-year-old, 200 million-dollar start up opportunity.

ARIIX provides the opportunity of a lifetime and is staged to become one of the top companies in the industry. ARIIX owns all of its own hardware and employs many top programmers on both continents. ARIIX’s commitment to providing financial tools to not only build a substantial income, but also to maintain that income through investments, and other financial services, including insurance services for our independent representatives. ARIIX is truly a disruptor, and a major player in the MLM industry.