Tracking Prospects

Call Me Old School...But it Works!

People always ask me, "Rick what kind of software database do you use when prospecting". In general for everyday prospecting when I'm talking to someone and not just doing Facebook messenger marketing I am old school.

I use a weekly planner/calendar and for prospecting 8.5" by 5.5" cards that I custom made and print on card stock myself.  

I have used the exact same one for 9 years now. 

DayMinder Weekly Planner
Product # G590-00

The 8.5" by 5.5" cards are printed 2 up on  a 8.5x11 yellow card stock in my home printer. Then I cut them in half. They fit perfectly in my weekly planner when I'm on the go. There is something about having the prospects information right in front of you at all time. It helps me sort through the people I want to follow up with easily. I write EVERYTHING we talk about on these cards.

Also, make sure that you follow up with prospect. People are usually impressed that you are following up because 80%+ people don't do that. The money's in the follow up!

Click on the above image to download a PDF for you to print yourself.

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