The Money's in the Follow-Up


As soon as someone has watched the video link or seen the live presentation/Zoom, it’s time to gauge their interest level. By far the best question to ask, to help you gauge their interest level and possible next steps, is “What did you like most about what you saw?” Once someone replies to this (so you know they saw the information) you can count that person as a Presentation!

Script: Key Follow-Up Question
“What did you like most about what you saw?”

This question allows you to hear what jumped out to them and help you tailor what to do next. If they are most interested in our products, there’s no reason to discuss the compensation plan, and vice versa. Ask the question and listen.

It’s OK if they didn’t like anything and/or they’re not interested in what you’re doing! Not everyone is open-minded, interested in health, or the right fit at the moment. When this happens, you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s not about you, it’s about them. They are, for whatever reason, not a good fit (for now). Just thank the person for their time, and ask for a referral if it’s appropriate. Your job is to share what you’re passionate and excited about, and those who “see this” the way you do, will make themselves known, by expressing interest & asking questions. Not every Presentation will turn into a sale or sponsored team member right away. With that said, it’s good to practice closing questions when there is ANY interest or engagement after asking that question.

The Numbers

Sadly, most network marketers never follow up with their prospects. And yet, we know from simple sales statistics that 80% of sales happen after the 5th contact!

That’s right, people need to see and hear about your business 5 times or more! Don’t miss the chance to sponsor 80% of the people who you approach.

These are the well known published sales statistics on Follow-up:

  • 48% never follow-up
  • 25% of sales people never make a second contact and stop
  • 12% of sales people only make 3 contacts and then stop
  • And, yes, as I said – 80% of sales happen between the 5th and 12th contact!