The ATM Process

Confirmation & Instructions For Using Team Facebook Groups

Step 1: ADD your prospect. You must be Facebook friends, before you can add them into the group. After asking for permission to add them, go into the group you want to add them to, and go to the field in the top right (under the banner image). Start typing their name where it says Invite Members and select their profile as it pops up. This will send them a notification to their Facebook profile, letting them know you invited them to the group.

Step 2: MESSAGE your prospect. Facebook now requires profile accounts to proactively accept invitations to groups. But not everyone is savvy or aware to be looking for or seeing notifications on their phone, or may not have the Facebook App on their phone. So once you send the invitation, make sure to message them like this:

“Hey _____, I just invited you to join the Facebook group [your group] keep an eye out for the notification on your end. If you don’t see it, just find the group and make sure to approve the invite. Once you do, you will start to see the awesome content in this closed group, right away."

Let me know as soon as you accept the invite, so I know I can tag you in a few great posts, that will help you get more info on what we chatted about. I’m really looking forward to hearing what you like most about what you see there!”

Step 3: TAG them in the post(s) you think would be most relevant for them. Tagging means getting their name to highlight, in a comment under the post you want them to see, so they get a notification to go check it out. For many devices, this works best if you type the @ symbol and start typing their name. Their name should pop up and be highlighted, once they have accepted. 

Step 4: MESSAGE them and make sure to stay in touch to ask what they like most about what they see or learned, then keep moving them through the follow-up and closing questions.

ATM Means — Add, Tag, & Message

YOU: I'm not sure if it's a fit or not, but would you be open to take a look at what I do?


YOU: Great, I'm going to add you to your group, I'm going to tag you in a awesome video with more information. When you're done watching I'm going to put us in a 3-way messenger chat with my friend Lisa. She's been in this business a lot longer than me and she can answer all your questions.

[Do not add them to the group without their permission. But once you add them you will tag them in a video.]

YOU: OK, I've added you to our group and tagged you in a video, when can you watch it?

SARAH: I can watch it tonight once the kids go to bed.

YOU: Great!

YOU FOLLOW-UP: Sarah, did you watch the video...what did you like best about it?

[If she didn't, ask when can she watch it then follow-up again.]

[YOU: put them into a 3-way messenger chat or have a zoom call with upline.]

YOU CLOSE: Sarah based on what you we talked about on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being your ready to jump in, where do you see yourself?

SARAH: I'm a 7.

YOU: Sarah, what do you need to see to get you to a 10? [Maybe it's more information about a product or info on the compensation plan.]

YOU: [Then follow-up again.]