Share Your Story

As you guide your prospect through the information about your products or business, it is important to pique their curiosity and capture their attention. This will allow you to create rapport, relate to them and get them nodding their head, before you share specific information about what you’re doing. This is crucial. We use a 5-part story formula, that hits on psychological aspects of what engages and moves people. Practice your story and get comfortable being vulnerable. When you formulate 1-3 sentences on each of the 5 parts, practice telling them over and over, with emotion and feeling.

Top leaders in our Industry are masterful storytellers. The easiest story for you to tell is your own.

Then start brainstorming the most important things you want to convey in your own 5 part story and practice delivering it. Make sure to share it with your sponsor and Upline support team, and then... start sharing it with your prospects!

>> Sharing Your Story Tutorial <<

  1. Your Background
  2. Your Pain Point / Why You Were Open To Something New
  3. Who Shared NewAge With You
  4. Why You Are Excited About The Future
  5. Your Vision / Ideal Referral

As you share your story with prospects, ask if they relate to anything you shared. If they perk up, get excited, or have questions…It's time to invite them to take the next step!

Depending on what interests them the most, follow your gut and invite them to a tool or presentation on the products or business. Have fun with it and don’t be attached to the outcome. Your energy and excitement is what they will be most excited about. And remember...they don’t know what you know yet. 🙂

If they don’t really relate to your story, or seem uninterested, it’s OK. The FACT is… there are so many people that are looking for what we are offering, so simply ask them for a referral. “Do you know anyone that may need improvement in their health or financial situation, that I should network with?” Otherwise, if they are excited or connecting to what you shared...invite them to a first tool.

Here are a couple simple scripts to help you get the conversation flowing...

“Hey _____, I have a project I’m working on that I’m really excited about. Would you be able to chat today or tomorrow to brainstorm with me?”

“Hey _____, I’m working on a really innovative International project, and with your background and skill-set, I think you would really excel at it. Would you be able to chat today or tomorrow to brainstorm with me?”

You can tweak the scripts to include meet ups for coffee, phone calls, or whatever works best for them. The goal is to schedule some time with them to share your story, and invite them to learn more…