Recruiting Scripts

1. Always be in a hurry (this means you don’t have a lot of time when inviting). People are attracted to non-needy people.
Use short invitations.

2. Alway Compliment the Prospect. Maybe they have a great smile. Maybe their outfit looks nice.

3. Make the Invitation (you decide which approach to use)
You can’t say the same thing to every single will not work.
Direct Approach — This is used 10% of the time with people you have influence over. (Not everyone likes this.)
3rd Party Approach — This indirect approach is the easiest way and many people use this when talking to their friends and family. These few magically words are very effective and are powerful as they play on a number of psychological levels. This is a networking approach that asks the prospect if they know someone else that might benefit from your business.
“Do You Know Anyone…”
“Who Do You Know…”
9 out of 10 people will say...what is it, I might be.
It becomes a powerful tool to help people get past their initial resistance and understanding your opportunity.
Here’s a video talking about the 3rd party approach. Robert calls it the Million Dollar Question
Hey, how are you? Are you from around here?
You look sharp...Can I ask what you do for a living? Or (You look sharp, do you own your own business?)
The reason why I ask is because I represent an international company and were are expanding in this area. We’re in the Wellness Industry. I can’t promise you anything, but do you leave your options open to earn more money around what you’re doing?
OK, Great...If I give you a video that gives you some information would you watch it?
OK, when do you think you could watch the video?
So, if I call you tomorrow morning, you would have seen it for sure?
What is your cell number for me to call?
Great, We’ll talk then, Gotta Run!
You must learn how to detach your emotions for the journey!!! You can’t be emotional about it. Some will, some won’t, so what...NEXT!
You have to learn how to be passionate about your business. People want to follow passionate people!
—Here’s a link to Eric Worre’s “The Hottest Recruiting Scripts in MLM” —

4. If I, would You?
—You don’t offer the prospect your 3rd party tool (website) unless they agree to do something in return.
—IF I gave you access to a video that laids out all the information in a professional way would you watch it?
—IF I gave you access to a online presentation would you look at it?
—Here’s a great video explaining this by Eric Worre —

5. Confirmation #1 -- get the time commitment (Providing that they say Yes)
—When do you think you can watch it for sure?

6. Confirmation #2 -- Confirm
—If the person says, I’ll watch it tonight. I’ll say, “So, if I called you tomorrow morning you will have watched it for sure?

7. Get time and number to call
—What’s the best number and time to call you tomorrow morning?

8. Get off the phone
—OK, I have another call, I will talk to you in the morning.

Don’t go out to recruit prospects, recruit when you’re out!