Prospect List

There is no waiting for volume balancing to get paid. Regardless of the number of lines you have (even one), you will receive your TLB immediately on the following commission check.

Create Your Prospect List

If you’re new to MLM then making a list is very important and the first thing you will do. Your contact list is the foundation of creating a successful business. Buy yourself a journal and write down EVERYONE you know and don’t prejudge anyone. It does not mean you will be calling all of these people, but going through this exercise will help you build your list. Think of the people whom you would like to build your future with and YES, add them to your list.

You would be doing a great dishonor to your family and friends when you’re successful if you don’t share ARIIX with them.

With that said, there is only one way to do this correctly and that is using the “Inviting Formula” that is shown on the next page. When done correctly you can talk to ANYONE about your business. Study the “Inviting Formula” with your sponsor and/or upline. Role play with them and really understand exactly how you Greet and Qualify people before you Invite them to see something.

In your journal create a simple process of contacting and following-up with people you speak to.

Remember this is a BUSINESS and like any other business you must have a strategy in place. Work with you sponsor and upline to assist you in implementing your plan.

Here is the information that you need about each person on your list.

Name | Email | Phone | Relationship | Business or Product Prospect

Customer/Prospect Avatar

Definition: An Avatar (as we’re using the term here) is an icon or figure representing the embodiment or manifestation of a person or in a nutshell the ideal customer or prospect.

It is very hard to get into the mind of a faceless crowd, but the process of creating an avatar allows you to “step into the shoes” of the person you are trying to reach. Making it easier to relate and get familiar with the needs and desire of your target market.

Name:___________________________________________________________________ Product/Service:__________________________________________________________

LEVEL 1: Demographics:

Age:_________ Gender:_________ Married?__________ Kids?____________________
Where he/she lives:________________________________________________________
Where they Work:_________________ Level of Education:_______________________

LEVEL 2: Psychographics:



People they follow online:____________________________________________________
Groups they belong to on Facebook:___________________________________________

LEVEL 3: Psychic graphics Information:

What are their most common fears, challenges and/or frustrations? (What are they trying to move away From?) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What are their needs, wants, desires or aspirations? (What are they trying to move towards?) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who Do You Know?

Who Do You Know?
Who’s dissatisfied
Money motivated
Who’s out of work
Family members
Who Is laid off
Who’s in MLM
Who has lots of time
Who’s your doctor
Reads self help books
Your parents’ friends
Who does your taxes
Works in your bank
Who’s their own boss
Who are your friends
Went to school with
Gave a business card
Who wants freedom
Who is successful
Who’s your dentist
Works with kids
Who you look up to
Who cuts your hair
Who teaches

Who likes to dance
Who wants a vacation
Who attends church
Who is in sales
Who needs a new car
Your neighbors
Who is your boss
Who is self-motivated
Works in restaurants
On your wedding list
Who you like the least
Who is disabled
Wants a promotion
Who sold you your car
Who likes team sports
Works on computers
You met on a plane
Who have you helped
Who builds websites
Got a new computer
Who likes to garden
Who you met at a party
Unhappy w/ income
Likes to help people

Who your friends know
Who watches TV often
Who likes the internet
Who delivers your mail
Works at the grocery
Owns a small business
Who is in college
Repairs your house
Works w/fundraisers
Who will help you
Likes to talk on/phone
Bought a new home
Bought a new car
High energy people
Needs extra money
Works part time jobs
Who works nights
Who needs more time
Who is a social worker

Car Salesman
Communication workers
Construction workers
Electrical workers
Flooring Sales
Friends of relatives
Insurance Agents
Karate Instructors
Legal Assistants
Life Insurance Sales
Machine Shop workers
Relatives of friends
Retail Sales clerks
Title Broker

Here's another version of a Memory Jogger that was created by Eric Worre, “Ultimate Memory Jogger”

"There is only one way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything. If you will not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your life." —Vince Lombardi