Invite Your Prospect to What?

So you've greeted someone and qualified them and they're interested, SO what do I do now?

EASY, we use the tools...that is how professionals do it and it's the best way to create duplication in your business. It's consistent and most of all it works!

You can send your prospect a link to view a short Business Presentation about your company.  

Then after you follow-up with them the next day and ask the only question that you always ask when following up..."What did you like best about the video you watched?"

This is the single best question you can ever ask. It tells you immediately if they watched your video. It also does not allow them to tell a little white lie to you. If they did not they single ask them again. When would you have time to review so I can schedule time in my calendar to follow-up with you.

If their interest is high enough then do a 3-way call or zoom call with your upline leader to help close them into the business.