Initial Contact or Connection

It is vitally important in your first contact, connection or chat with a prospect, to assess their current situation. This involves, LISTENING intently and gathering information on things like: health concerns, financial concerns, desire to leave a legacy or make an impact, etc. Other areas to tune-in to are: wanting to connect with people, or get involved in a cause, or areas of their life they would like to change or improve. The more you can learn about your prospects, by asking questions and getting them talking in the beginning of the meeting, the better you can tailor your story, presentation & invitation to suit them and any needs they may have.

Taking the time to get to know someone (especially if they are a cold contact), whether you are chatting on Facebook Messenger, meeting each other for coffee, or talking to guests before a meeting you are presenting at, allows you to “tailor your story to their specific needs.” Knowing what is most important to someone, allows you to help them focus and navigate the information in a way that will be most helpful and relatable to them.

In Network Marketing, you hear a particular phrase very frequently: “This is a relationship business.” It is SO true, especially for deepening relationships with new contacts. When you express interest in people, are open and listen to them discuss their life, it will lead to opportunities to share your story, and create rapport. If you haven’t read the book “Go Pro,” by Eric Worre, it has some fantastic ideas on how to use direct & indirect approaches to share your story & invite people to hear it. This is a great skill to work on as your business and confidence grows through practice and repetition.

In Network Marketing, you also hear another phrase very frequently: “This is a numbers game.” It is SO true as well. Make sure you track your initial contacts & connections, so you can follow-up properly and guide them to an actual invitation, where specific information is shared. The more contacts you make, the more invitations you will share. It’s just that simple. Learning to share your story will ensure this progression.