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Corporate Update 11/29/23

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ If you use our TranzactCard resource site (Global Success Leaders)...THANK YOU! πŸ‘ PLEASE make sure everyone you've sponsored into TranzactCard as a DBO know about it. Also, make sure they are on the Text Broadcast list. ~Thank You! 😁

We are a Social Impact Enterprise!

This website is created to provide you with information about TranzactCard and enables you to get a Fast Start! It's important to share this website with EVERY new DBO and your bring into your organization. Duplication is your path to Wealth Creation!!!

DBO TranzactCard Presentation β€” www.BankCardVideo.com

TCM (Customers) Presentation β€” www.DoubleRewardsVideo.com

Please DO NOT blast this 2 websites on social media. You should send these individually to people once you have piqued there interest in TranzactCard as a DBO or TCM. 

TranzactCard Team Business Meetings: (http://zoom.us/j/4077333502 - Meeting ID 407 733 3502)

MONDAY, Dec 4th TranzactCard Team Meeting @ 8 pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST)

MONDAY, Dec 11th TranzactCard Team Meeting @ 8 pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST)

MONDAY, Dec 18th TranzactCard Team Meeting @ 8 pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST)

TranzactCard Corporate:

MONDAY  β€”  2 PM MT / 4 PM ET  β€”  Corporate Update Call Recording in Digital Office
MONDAY  β€” 7 PM MT / 9 PM ET  β€”  Motivation Monday β€” TranzactCard.Live

SATURDAY  β€” 10:30 AM MT / 12:30 PM  β€”  Digital Branch Training β€” TZTtraining.Live

Build Your Business With LIVE TranzactCard Presentations:

TUESDAY  β€” 1 PM MT / 3 PM ET  β€”  TranzactCard Overview β€” TranzactCard.Live
TUESDAY  β€” 7 PM MT / 9 PM ET  β€”  TranzactCard Overview β€” TranzactCard.Live
WEDNESDAY  β€” 1 PM MT / 3 PM ET  β€”  Spanish TranzactCard Overview β€” TranzactCard.Live
WEDNESDAY  β€” 7 PM MT / 9 PM ET  β€”  RATT Pack TranzactCard Overview β€” TranzactCard.Live
THURSDAY  β€” 1 PM MT / 3 PM ET  β€”  TranzactCard Overview β€” TranzactCard.Live
THURSDAY  β€” 7 PM MT / 9 PM ET  β€”  TranzactCard Overview β€” TranzactCard.Live

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ Over 100,000 Digital Branch Offices & Customers Have Joined Since April 2023! πŸ‘

Our TranzactCard Oath

"I will be one, with my divine and my neighbor. I will support, obey and defend my constitution. I concentrate my time, my energies and all my love, to uplift those that can't lift themselves. I will discharge my obligations as a digital branch office, an agent of impact, with the highest level of professionalism, honesty, and civility."

Welcome, you are enrolled as a Digital Branch Office!

Jared Moss, TranzactCard co-Founder, attorney, entrepreneur & philanthropist

Please join our TranzactCard Team Text Broadcast List! 

Add your name and number in the form below. You should also add this number (321-559-6655) to your contact list in your phone with the title TranzactCard Team Rhino

TranzactCard Team Rhinos

Click Links Below to Learn More!

1) TranzactCard Digital Office

To access your Digital Office go to TranzactCard.com, then login with phone #. 

It is highly recommended that you spend a few hours clicking on every link in your Digital Office. EVERYTHING you need to know about TranzactCard is in your Digital Office and here at GSL. 

The Z-Club and Z-Club Travel is there, your Z-Bucks ledger is there, your commissions reports are there, your team genealogy is there, training is there, banking info is there and the Help Desk is there!

Yes, you can access this from a desktop, laptop or your phone from anywhere.


2) TranzactCard Corporate Websites & Support Emails

TranzactCard Website. Your Back Office, and Your Banking Information login. Username is the same as your replicated website name. Once you've login, on the home page you'll see your replicated website link and many documents at the bottom of the page for your review. 


 If you require assistance or have inquiries, you should contact the appropriate support channel:
- General Information: info@tranzactcard.com
- Banking Support: bankingsupport@tranzactcard.com
- Digital Branch Support: dbosupport@tranzactcard.com
- Z-Club Support: zclubsupport@tranzactcard.com

Download TranzactCard Banking APP!

  • iPhone Users: Visit the App Store and search for "TranzactCard" to download.
  • Android Users: Head to the Google Play Store and search for "TranzactCard" to download

3) TranzactCard eZ-Power Earn & Save Card


Please note that our New TranzactCard's will be available before we have our official launch Nov. 12th. But you are able to fund and use the eZ-Power Program with over 330 brands and YES you will earn double Z-Bucks!

The reason for this is that TranzactCard has a business plan and three phases of there banking ramp-up. The pre-launch started with phase 1 and by September they realized that their phase 2 that was scheduled for June 2024 needed to be moved up to the end of September and October. Because they've enrolled over 50,000+ DBOs & TCMs. So, phase 2 is being completed and cards will be issued soon. 

Click Here to Learn More!

4) Upgrade from a TCM to DBO

All TCM get a Digital Office also. They simply login with their phone number just like you. There is a link "Become a DBO" on the bottom left.

5) What's Your Why?

Knowing your Why is one of the most important exercises you can do. Learn More Here. 

Here's a eBook called "The Power of Vision" that you can download for free.

There are other tabs in this section that will help you.

6) Create Your Contact List

Creating your list of EVERYONE is another important task. In This Section you will learn all about how to successfully achieve this.

7) Master the Inviting Process

Saying the right thing to people is important. Learn what and how to say to your candidates. Click Here to Learn More.

8) So, What Should I Sent to a Prospect?

BankCardVideo.com is a completely generic website that you can send your prospects so they can watch the TranzactCard Presentation, Revenue Plan & Meet the Founders videos. (FYI - The older tztvideo.com will forward to BankCardVideo.com) Then for them to sign up you would send them to your TranzactCard replicated website, which is https://USERNAME.tranzactcard.com...just replace the USERNAME with your username. 

You can maintain efficiency by add these websites as shortcut buttons on your phones home screen. 

>>> www.BankCardVideo.com <<<

9) TranzactCard Digital Experience Sales Funnel (VERY IMPORTANT)

  • Click here TranzactCardVideo.com
  • Click "GET STARTED"
  • Click on the drop-down menu and "Select Digital Experience"
    • Double You Buying Power [F]
      • This is a generic link for anyone. You will be sent an email when someone watches the video.
    • Double You Buying Power [S]
      • This is for a 1:1 personalized link. You will be sent an email with the persons name who watched the video.
    • Webinar: DBO Deeper Drive [S]
      • This is for a 1:1 personalized presentation
  • Fill in the form. Made sure you have your correct USERNAME.
  • Click Create Link at the bottom of the page.
  • Copy link and open in a browser window (Chrome recommended)
  • Give it a test drive yourself, so you know exactly what your prospect is getting. 
  • 10) TranzactCard Boards Mobile APP

    You can download the BOARDS APP. If you are building the business on your phone then the Board App is a great tool. 

    Take 3-minutes and watch this video that the right.

    11) TranzactCard Z-Club Brands &

    You get a one for one credit in Z-Bucks for every US Dollar you spend. Because we have our own ecosystem, Z-Bucks are just another form of currency that is redeemable in another market exchange (The Z-Club). The Z-Club exchange just happens to allow paying for real world tangible items using a combination of two forms of currency, USD & Z-Bucks. And when you purchase an item via a flash sale you are using 100% of the Z-Buck currency. One last thing.....if you join before 12/31/23 you are actually tripling your buying power with 2 Z-Bucks for every 1 US Dollar you spend through December of 2024!


    Sample of Flash Sales

    TranzactCard Promotions & Deadlines!

    * We will all be getting your NEW virtual Tranzactcard before Dec 15th. These cards will be in your back office and your APP! You can load these cards up and start using and banking your double Z-Bucks!!!

    * We will all get your NEW physical TranzactCard by the end of December or the 1st week of January.

    * You will all be able to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) process in your back office. This will pop up on your dashboard! Once you complete the KYC process when the Virtual card are ready yours will appear in your back office banking section and your TranzactCard APP.

    * If you hit manager position by Dec 31st, you will wave the $50 manager fee forever and you will also be in the up to $500 monthly community pie no matter when you joined!

    * New TCM promotion! Until December 31st every new TCM you sign up for $25 you earn $2.50 and .50 cent pays up 9 levels of DBO’s above you in your community.

    * Anybody who is Not a founder! You can become a FOUNDER if you get 3 active TCMs that you personally sponsor by December 31st!

    * Any DBO or TCM that signs up before Dec. 31st gets double Z-Bucks for all of 2024!! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

    * Any TCM that signs up before Dec 31st. It’s $25 onetime for life!

    *TCM Founders Match Program

    Anybody who gets their 3 TCM’s and become commission qualified by the end of the year will be a Founder!!! Bigger matches!!!

    Those who are currently DBOs and those who become DBOs prior to the benchmark being reached will be matched by corporate at the ratio relevant to any position they achieve during their DBO continuity.

    Example: As a Manager when you enroll 1 TCM the company give you 5 extra TCMs in your organization. 

    "You Are The Master Of Your Destiny. You Can Influence, Direct And Control Your Own Environment. You Can Make Life What You Want It To Be."
    - Napoleon Hill

    Why would you listen to people that don't have what you want? This is a question that I wonder about so many time when I hear people say; "let me talk with a few friends first." Don't do this...average people will try to steel your dreams! 

    β€œYou Can Have Everything in Life You Want if You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.” ~Zig Ziglar

    TranzactCard Executives


    • Peter Rancie, Owner (Banking Expertise)
    • Richard Smith, Owner (E-Commerce Expertise)
    • Bill Andreoli, President
    • Jon McKillip, Global Ambassador for Biz Development
    • Eric Allen, #1 DBO in the Company & my Sponsor 

    TranzactCard co-Founders

    Peter R. Rancie is an Australian with broad international experience. He has been a strategic adviser to several of the world’s top 100 banks, insurance companies and fund managers, creating billions of dollars of funds flow to client institutions with out-of-the-box disruptive strategies. During the past decade his primary banking focus has been U.S. community banks. He is a co-founder of the United States Bankers Association β€” USBA β€” an association dedicated to creating new revenue streams, improved profitability, and improved technologies for small to medium banks, along with an expanded range of 21st century services relevant to the communities they serve. He directs TZT’s engagement with banks, RIA’s (registered investment advisers), and fund managers necessary to the TZT ecosystem. He also holds a portfolio of interests in luxury hospitality resort projects in the Intermountain West. He is married to Christine. They are the parents of six children, half of which live in the USA, the other half in Melbourne Australia, with grandchildren on both continents.

    Jared Moss is the other co-Founder. You can learn about him of the "Launch Event" page. 

    TranzactCard is operating under Finmo Banking. Finmo Banking: United States Bankers Association (USBA) defines financial momentum banking (Finmo) as a new, positive social impact approach to banking, providing customers with more buying power, extra savings, and wealth creation options.