RESOURCES — YouTube Marketing

As of January 2023, I have over 1200 videos on YouTube. There are videos I've made, videos from our company and some videos from other people. You can visit my YouTube channel here

Here are my Channel analytics. I run ads for very few videos because I am trying to engage people that are looking for network marketing. 

ATTRACTION MARKETING — 70% of my leads for my network marketing business come from YouTube. People contact me!

Rick Billings

YouTube Video SEO (Content Marketing)

  1. Find the Best Keywords Using vidIQ 
  2. Create content around 5-10 best keywords 
    • Keywords Send Us Free Traffic in YouTube
    • The key is in the Search Intention - (Best, Buy, Online, Now, Free, Near me, Cheap, Top, Price, Review, How To, Where, What)
      • Keyword + Review, Cheap + Keyword, Free + Keyword, How To + Keyword , Best + Keyword
      • Product Name + Review, Best + Product Name, Product Name + Online, Buy + Product Name, Cheap + Product Name
  3. Optimize the thumbnail
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