TranzactCard Marketing Materials

TranzactCard Website Redirects

To start, if you want to simplify your replicated website link you can register a domain name. For example is my website URL that links to my TranzactCard sales funnel.

I recommend NameCheap, as you can get a domain for about $10 per year. IMPORTANT: Make sure the website you are redirecting to has ALL Lower case letters and a forward Slash (/) at the end.

This is also best if you decide to add marketing materials to your vehicle. People on have a few seconds to see your ad. Using your area code they can remember your website easily. 

TranzactCard Double-Sided Business Cards

Some things just aren't replaced. Business Cards are still a great way to market your business. When you meet people in passing most of the time there is not a lot of time to have them write down your info. Having a great looking business card allows you to share your info professionally.

Custom personal business cards for your TranzactCard Digital Branch Office. These are full color, two-sided, 16pt business cards with rounded corners. The front is designed to look like the TranzactCard Visa Debit. The production time is about 4-6 business days, plus a few days for shipping which is included in the price. On the order page you will supply all the info needed to customize your cards.   

Business Card FRONT

Business Card BACK

Business Card Holders on Amazon

Custom Website for Acquiring TranzactCard Customers (TCMs)

I have designed a 8.5" by 5.5" 16pt PostCard for you to share with people and business in your area...driving traffic to your customer website and when people sign up for the $25 Visa Devit Card they will be your TCM. BUT WAIT! I will also add a rotator that will allow multiple people on your team to share the same custom site. 

For example; We can add 3 people's sign up links into the rotator and every time someone visits the custom website on the postcard and they want to sign up, it rotates between the 3 of you. This will allow you to share in the cost of everything listed below and the 3 of you get customers. 


- Domain name that you will pick and the cost is included in the package. 

- Website Hosting

- Creation of custom website like 

- Rotator software for multiple team members.

- 8.5x5.5 PostCards as shown above with custom domain, shrink wrap 50 per package & shipped to one address.

  • Everything Above with 500 PostCards shipping included — $500
  • Everything Above with 1,000 PostCards shipping included — $600
  • Everything Above with 2,500 PostCards shipping included — $750
  • Everything Above with 5,000 PostCards shipping included — $900
  • Everything Above with 10,000 PostCards shipping included — $1325

THE GOAL: Get TranzactCard Customers!

HOW: Place 25-50 of these postcards in business establishments throughout your city or town. (Example: Restaurants, Mom & Pop Owned Shops, Thrift Stores, Coffee Shops, Grocery Stores, Realtors, & Anywhere there is traffic)

SALES PITCH: Coming...

(Note: The postcards will be printed exactly like you see above except for the domain name on the front and back.)

TranzactCard Trifold Flyers

This trifold flyers was designed and TranzactCard approved. They are 4.25" high and overall 11" long, opened. It is folded about 3.66" by 4.25". The first one is the outside/front and the second one is the inside. On the order page you will provide your name, phone, website, and email. 

TranzactCard Car Magnets

This is a 18" by 12" Rounded Corner Magnet. We will add your website to it in the red.

Vehicle Vinyl Lettering

I recommended for Vinyl Lettering if you want to put your website URL on your vehicle. The reflective letting in best, as at night it really stands out. 

Vehicle Back Window Cling

This Vehicle Back Window Cling is 48" wide by 16" tall. You will customize it with your TranzactCard website. 

Once applied you can see out of it when you're in the automobile. 

TranzactCard T-Shirts

Our fellow DBO, Jim Snyder has designed some T-Shirts that we are able to customize with your website URL on the T-Shirt. That is huge to be able to order 1, 2, 3 or how many you wants. 

Click on the images at the right to see the details. 

Double-Sided Yard Signs

These are 4mm Coroplast Signs that are 18" by 12" with the metal steaks. They will be personalized with your website. It is recommended to use a domain forwarding, so people have an easier time remembering your website.

Here's a FREE QR Code Generator —

TranzactCard Transfer Stickers

Some people may want to add a TranzactCard logo to cups, mugs and other items. You can get this logo in your back office or download them here. Choose "Custom Size" and type in the size you want. 

Jim Snyder, one of your DBO members create this graphic which allows you to edit the Photo & Name. 

When you have a new DBO that joins you, customize this graphic and post it in the TranzactCard DBO Community and welcome them.