Video 1 — Kwik Marketplace Introduction & Getting Started

This is a recording of our first training session where I introduce Kwik and the Kwik Marketplace that I've developed.


When adding a featured image click on the black and white gear in the upper right corner in the post area. Then click on Post and when you scroll down on the right side you will see a box that say "Featured Image". This is where you add your featured image for your articles that will appear at the top of the page.


First you will need the URL where a viewer is sent to when they click your button. Then you highlight the button/image and properties will show up above the button. Click on Hyperlink icon and you'll see the box to paste in your link below it. Then click the Arrow button at the end of the line and your set. I like the link to open in a new tab so they do not lose their place on your page. 

Video 2 — Kwik Marketplace Training

Video 3 — Kwik Marketplace Training

Video 4 — Kwik Marketplace Training Q&A

Video 5 — Kwik Marketplace Training Q&A

Video 6 — Kwik Marketplace Training Q&A