TranzactCard Trainings

"Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve."

- Napoleon Hill

3 Common Questions...

1) How do you earn money in TranzactCard?

  • Swipes (interchange/merchant fees)
  • Leadership Grants (Team Promotions)
  • Community Revenue Bonus (Share in success of entire company)

2) How do I fund my TranzactCard?

  • Similar to other checking accounts:
    • ACH
    • Wire
    • Mobile check deposit
    • Direct Deposit
    • Debit card draw via APP

3) How can they give free Z-Bucks? (It sounds too good to be true.)

  • Sales in Z-Club - (hypothetical example only)
    • Nike Shoes — Retail $100 on like Amazon
    • Price in Z-Club $100
    • Less $40 Z-Buck
    • Final Price Paid $60
    • Let's say the Z-Club pays $50 from Nike
    • Profit to TranzactCard is $10 which goes into the Revenue Plan!

TranzactCard Goals

As a DBO these are your first goals.

  1. Sponsor 3 DBOs and you'll become a Manager. Do that within 30 days and receive up to $500 from the Community Bonus pool ongoing each month & more.
  2. Then, help those 3 people to become Managers and you will become a Senior Manager. As a Sr. Manager you will earn up to $1,500 from the Community Bonus pool ongoing each month & more.

TranzactCard Prospecting

Randy Schroeder

Talks about Recruiting

[Click on the small video and then the one are the right.]

The Power of Duplication & Leverage:

When you start in business, it's just you. Let's say you contact 3 people per day or 45 per month working 5 days per week. 

Now, it's month two (2) and you sponsored 3 DBOs and your a Manager in TranzactCard. Now there are 4 of you and your team in making 180 exposures per month and they each sponsor 3 DBOs. So you have 13 people on your team making 585 exposures...your position is Senior Manager.

It's month three (3) and those 9 people from last month all sponsored 3 DBOs, so you have 40 people on your team making over 1800 exposures per month. You are now a Vice President. 

I hope by now you get the Power of Leverage to achieve anything you want in life with the right business model. I truly believe with all my experience in business that TranzactCard is the best opportunity I've seen in over 2 decades. 



Hey NAME, I recently came across a company that is disrupting the banking industry, like Uber did to the transportation industry, and has a business model that is amazing. If I sent you a 3-minute video, would you take a look at it?


Hey NAME, Are you still and opportunist?
[Them] Yes or Yes, what do you have?
Can I send you some info on a company that is disrupting the Banking industry?


Hi NAME, I see you liked my post about earning $50K per month. Can I send you a 3-minute video on how I am on the path to doing that? This company is disrupting a huge industry that has never been done before.


I've always respected you. Could I get 20 minutes of your time? [Share Video]


TCMs - I found something really cool that doubles your buying power...can I send you a video?

The FORTUNE is in the follow up. It takes 5 to 7 exposures for someone to make a decision. So be committed and consistency and your success and dreams will come true.


Hey NAME, just wanted to follow up and see if you had any questions on the TranzactCard Franchise opportunity that we talked about. Love to work with you and help you get your 3 DBOs so you’ll make about $500 per month ongoing. Trust me people are open for this business, as 9 out of 10 are willing to look at this. Here's the link if you would like to review the info again. If not, I understand. 

Hi NAME, What is the best thing you seen in the TranzactCard presentation? Love to work with you on this amazing franchise opportunity. Remember everyone uses a debit card.

Hi NAME, Do you have any other questions or concerns before you get started with TranzactCard?

Other Useful Sales Copy

TranzactCard doubles the purchasing power of its members without requiring an increase in income. Our online marketplace serves everyone by making everyday products and services much more affordable.


These are a few one-liners that our team members John & Antoinette Ramsey have been using success on Facebook! They are curiosity post and are not in any particular order. RESULTS: He reaches out to people that like his post and people are direct messaging him asking what is it? They also ask for info in the comments. 

  • Virtual Franchise! #NextLevel
  • Passion & Purpose!
  • This has never been done before!
  • BIG NEWS Never been done before! Taking calls today
  • Game Changer...0ver 200 on!
  • Another one!
  • Over 11,000 already!
  • Please be patient. The video is generating huge response.I will return all WHO call. 972-834-2919
  • Continuing to receive more request THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!
  • More people seeing the VISION!
  • It Keeps getting better!
  • Hundreds joining everyday!
  • Another one with Vision!

Here are a few samples. KISS...Keep It Simply...

Here's a simple post that John made, that is very successful.

This is an insane opportunity that just blows my mind!!!

Ask for the short video I can send...

What it is NOT...

It is not MLM



Affiliate Marketing

What is it?

Ask for Video...

Be prepared to be blown away!

My sponsor Eric Allen, the first guy in TranzactCard posted this on Facebook and I thought it was worth share here. 

But, Eric, this person just quit one me!

Me: Good!

But, this is harder than I thought it would be!

Me: Good!

But, I thought more people would catch the vision?!

Me: Good!

But, I'm thinking I might give up!

Me: Good!

But, I'm feeling all alone at times on this journey...

Me: Good!

But, this person told me they were the one to take my business to the next level, and now they have gone AWOL!

Me: Good!

But, I'm so frustrated!

Me: Good!

But, why do you keep saying 'Good!'

Me: Because this is a small price to pay as the cost of entry to living a significant life. God is breaking you down and molding you into the leader you need to be to inspire others to go for their dreams!

YOU GOT THIS! Don't give up and certainly don't wish it were easier...just commit to getting better (Jim Rohn's voice)

Make it a great day!